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KOJI is a tungsten-balanced medium-speed color-negative ECN-2 film, offering saturated colors with enhanced grain in the shadows while maintaining slightly saturated skin tones. While this is a tungsten-balanced film, this film offers a pleasing green cast to the highlights offering a signature look to this film.


This is a limited-edition film. Once our stock depletes, it is very unlikely we will stock this film ever again.


10 Roll Limit per order. Order with quantities greater than 10 will be corrected.

Ships in 2-3 weeks.


  • ISO 125 (EI 100 Recommended)
  • Tungsten Balanced
  • 36-Exposure
  • Enhanced Shadow Grain 
  • Rem-Jet Layer
  • No DX Code


Add Atlanta Film Co. ECN-2 processing and scanning for your KOJI.


*While this film is expired, it has been exceptionally cold-stored for just a decade. Shadow detail may experience enhanced grain. Your experience may vary slightly. For this, we have extensively tested this film and we recommend photographing at ASA 100 and metering for your shadows.

Koji 125 T

Excluding Sales Tax
  • KOJI is based on the legendary FUJIFILM Reala Super-F series film first introduced in 1999. This batch was acquired from a cinematographer who cold-stored since this batch of F-125 (8532) purchased new before it was discontinued in 2011. 

    We at Atlanta Film Co. tested this film we were incredibly pleased with its results! While this film is already expired by nearly a decade, we are pleased with its results because of its pristine storage, slowing the film age. 

    Based on our feedback from our local ECN-2 lab manager, "This is some of the best FUJIFILM that has come through our lab in a long time."

    While the recommended speed from the manufacturer is ASA 125, we actually recommend shooting this film at EI 100 and meter for the shadows.


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