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The highly anticipated Atlanta Film Co. 100-foot spools are now available for pre-order!


One of the biggest advantages of bulk-loading film is the cost savings! Motion picture film is spooled in several hundred feet at a time, taking a lot of time in the dark spooling the film down to fit your standard 100-foot bulk loaders. The AFC 100-foot spools save that headache for you by spooling this film down to 100' so you can get it into your bulk-loader headache-free and get to shooting your film faster!


Enjoy all of the Atlanta Film Co. 35mm films now in our 100' spools:

EUPHORIC 100 - Color Reversal E-6

XX - Black and White

200T - Color Negative ECN-2

250D - Color Negative ECN-2

500T - Color Negative ECN-2


Be Kind to Your Photo Labs!

Each 100' Color Negative ECN-2 will include 20x AFC 35mm Cassette Labels

to properly identify the film as ECN-2.



New to Bulk Loading Film? Watch our instructional Video!

*100’ spools are made to order and may take up to two business days to complete.

Atlanta Film Co - 100' Motion Picture Spools

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Approximately 100-feet of film.

    • Between 17-20 Rolls of 36-exposure films.
    • We use tools commonly used in the motion picture industry to measure the length of the spool. Slight variance in actual footage may vary.

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